Super Russian Roulette

Written in 6502 assembly running on an original hardware design to accommodate large graphics / audio.
Completely voiced AI character voiced with over 9 minutes of DPCM speech to form coherent phrases and 8 minutes of high quality 11KHz 7-bit audio.

The Kickstarter was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who backed, I can't wait to get you your copy. Check out the updates there for more technical details on manufacturing / development.

Pull up a chair and rustle up some virtual nihilism, pardner. Super Russian Roulette pits you and up to two friends or strangers against a trash-talking cowboy, impatient to get on with the ultimate game of chance. There’s a light bullet in the Zapper’s chamber: is your name on it? (To increase actual dread, add penalty shots of bottom-shelf hooch for the losers.) Keep spinning the barrel till only one player remains.

Programmed by Andrew Reitano
Music by Nick Gargiulo
Art by Alex Baderian
Voice by Rob Kurtz
Trailer by Ray Zablocki

"Here I go..."

"Fine fella..."

"Garbage! Garbage! Garbage! Garbage!"

Gotcha. (thanks SourceFedNERD!)

Winner of the Fantastic Arcade Audience Choice Award! (photo : Emi Spicer)

Copyright © 2016 Andrew Reitano; All rights reserved.
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