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Telemelt is a web-based multi-emulator (RetroArch/libretro) designed to recreate the experience of playing console games with a single controller in a room full of friends.

Gathering around a TV and collectively attempting to beat a game has been a consistent joy throughout my life, and is one of the rituals I miss the most with the ones we're separated from right now. I wanted to create a way to play single player/hotseat games with friends remotely that was free and required minimal setup. Netplay has always been unsatisfying for this, since only the host had low enough latency for games that require tight timing. I started this project in March, and have been pouring my heart into it every day possible since then.

The system skips traditional netplay to allow a single player to assume host responsibility and experience zero network latency for games with demanding response times, with the viewers processing frames as broadcasted by the player. The virtual controller/host can be instantly passed to any user in the room.

Designed to be lowest hassle way to play emulated games with a friend or loved one, even if they are not tech savvy!

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Focus on the experience of passing a single controller between people

Quick start - Open up a Discord/Zoom/Meet etc.. with friends and try some of these!

A platform to experiment with multi-user experiences

Coming soon

Telemelt is built on an Azure DevOps build and release pipeline, and takes full advantage of Azure Container Instances, Functions, Container Registry and AppInsights/Metrics to scale, handle matchmaking, and serve static assets

Azure Backend

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