Hi, my name is Andy Reitano. 

I'm an Electrical Engineer from New York City.

My main line of work involves FPGAs, embedded programming and PCB design.

I dig computer architecture, specifically the C64/NES (6502) and the Sega Genesis (68K/Z80). Most of my personal electronics involve a classic computer in some way. I've had fun leveraging the power of modern microprocessors to create "what if" peripherals for these machines that would have been too costly to produce at the time.

I perform live visuals under the name Batsly Adams using up to 3 Sega Genesis consoles. All effects are written in a combination of 68K assembly and an evolving GCC environment that I've been working on for over a year.

Would you like to contact me?

I'm happy to meet new collaborators and answer any questions about my projects.

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